What is your hosting process?

We use a major, third party hosting company where we have set up multiple Virtual Personal Servers (VPS).  The servers also utilize Solid State Drives (SDD) instead of the typical Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  SDDs are about 30 percent faster than a HDD, and much more reliable.  With a VPS, we also have the capability of increasing processing power, drive space and bandwidth on the fly whenever it is needed.  Our normal monthly cost for this hosting environment is $9.95 per month, however, for web-based applications where we need more "horsepower," we modify that price accordingly.

How much extra does it cost to have a website created using Responsive Design standards so the website is easily viewable and can easily be navigated on any device, including a desktop, tablet or smartphone?

There is no extra cost.  All of our new websites are built using the Responsive Design standards.

Do we have to meet personally in order to have a website created?

No, we are able to create websites by having a thorough conversation on the phone.  We also send you wire frames of your website pages as well as mockups of your home page and theme.

What is your payment process?

For a typical website, we determine the price based on our discussion with you.  We collect a 50 percent deposit before beginning to create your website, and the final 50 percent when we make your website live.  For work completed after the website goes live, we bill each Monday for the work completed during the previous week.  

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club.