is a web-based application that matches teleworker job seekers with employers that are looking to hire teleworkers. It does that through a variety of channels. First, the job seeker can create a free account and enter their resume of employment, education, volunteer work, certifications and other skills into a very structured database. They can also specify their available hours and their salary requirements. Finally, the job seeker is able to take on-line courses and take exams.
Then, the employer, through a variety of search options, can search through the pool of job seekers to significantly narrow down their search to the specific background and skills they are looking for. Employers are also to specify their salary options, required hours, course exam results, etc. to further narrow down the pool of available applicants.
Another channel for matching employers with job seekers is that employers can post jobs into a similar structured database where the job seekers are able to search using a variety of parameters to find a job that fits their needs.
And the communication between employer and job seeker is all managed within the TeleworksUSA web-application so as to ensure the best possible integrity within the process.
Finally, employment agencies, federal job assistance agencies, and other that are also trying to match employers with job seekers are also able to join TeleworksUSA to further enhance the process.